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AVG CloudCare scoops award in independent tests

AVG CloudCare’s AntiVirus 2014 component has just received an award following its first ever participation in one of the industry’s top security comparison tests.  The latest Virus Bulletin  gave us a score of 91.2 out of a possible 100 in both Reactive and Proactive tests. In an age where security breaches are common and a company trades more than ever on its reputation, small businesses simply cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to protecting their confidential or customer data. In fact a recent eMarketer study shows that undetected malware and cloud-based security are still among the top security concerns for small businesses. That’s why I’m delighted that the Virus Bulletin test singled out AVG CloudCare for its scanning and detection performance. It is a strong indicator that we design our product wholly with users in mind and are addressing their very real concerns.   Here’s what Virus Bulletin had to say: “ Scanning was very fast indeed, even in the initial runs, and overheads were pretty light, barely detectable once files had been checked for the first time. Our set of activities ran through in good time, and resource use was low. Detection was very strong indeed with excellent scores throughout our sets, and with no issues to report in the WildList or clean sets, a VB100 award is well deserved, adding another good result to that strong score.”   Our customers are echoing this sentiment: Thomas Keats of Rainbow Computers, a small business and AVG IT partner told us   “I love so much about AVG CloudCare, it’s increasing the bottom line, increasing interaction with the customer on more than one level, keeping me and my shop more in their mind each step of the way.” If you are a small business looking for a way to stay ahead of the security curve why not ask a local IT contractor about AVG CloudCare? Your company’s security would be one less thing to worry about! Learn more about AVG CloudCare at: Learn more about the Virus Bulletin 100 test at: