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Tonido, an Opera Unite Alternative?

If you have found Opera’s Unite feature particularly useful, you may be disappointed that the company decided to pull the plug on the technology and remove if from the browser in the near future. Opera Unite basically allows Opera users to run server apps in the web browser. Apps include file sharing, streaming media, a local web proxy, a web server or a photo sharing application. With Opera Unite as good as gone, it is time to look at alternatives. Tonido , which I only discovered recently could prove to be a viable option in this regard. While not as flexible as Opera Unite in terms of offered applications and services, the service does come with a robust framework that is making available several core features that made Unite great. Tonido The core Tonido makes available local files on a local area network, the Internet and on mobile phones. In addition to that, the company has released several apps that extend the service’s feature beyond that. And this is where it gets interesting. The following applications are available to free users of Tonido: Explorer – Installed by default. Lets you browser, upload and download files from anywhere. Also lets you listen to all music from a web browser. Search – Installed by default. Search a local system from the Internet. Sync – Installed by default. A cloud hosting service that you can use to synchronize files with the cloud. Free users are limited to 250 Megabytes of storage. Webshare – Installed by default. Share files by adding them to a special My Shared Files folder. Workspace – A browser-based Personal Information Manager similar to Microsoft Groove. Features include file sharing, to do lists, calendar and note apps, discussions, forum, chat and group collaboration. Thots – A personal blog or journal that you can access from anywhere. The emphasize here is private, which means that only you can access it, and not anyone else. You can however post stories on Twitter. Torrent – Use this app to start new torrent downloads from the Internet. You can download completed files from any location via http. Alternative: Remote uTorrent app, that allows you to control uTorrent downloads in the same way. Screenshare – Create a screenshot of your computer’s desktop and share it with colleagues or access it remotely with a browser. Backup – Backup files to remote computers running Tonido. Backups are protected with AES encryption and get transferred directly from one client PC to the other. Money – A personal financial manager that you can use to keep track of expenses, bank statements, stocks, and more. Tonidoshell – Access a computer’s command shell from a web browser. Fitness – A fitness tracking application. Additional applications are available for Pro users who pay a yearly fee to use the service.Pro users get access to advanced web sharing features, like password protection of shares, WebDAV mounting, guest accounts with file upload rights or document editing capabilities. They in addition get access to a DLNA Media Server for gaming systems like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Sony’s Playstation 3, and the ability to mount Tonido as a drive. You may have noticed that Tonido shares some apps with Opera Unite, but that there are still many that it does not make available. Tonido does have other things going for it though. It is available for multiple platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as all major mobile phone operating systems (Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and Android). You also get your own subdomain that you can connect to in a web browser of your choice to access files and apps remotely. Access is protected by a password, and I’d strongly suggest you pick a strong one to avoid unauthorized access to your files and apps.

Building trust in your brand and wearing the badge

One of the primary reasons why companies join trade associations, industry bodies and professional practice groups is trust. From airlines and hotels right through to builders and plumbers, wearing a recognized “badge” is a proven means of showing that your goods and/or services are guaranteed to deliver for customers at a certain level on a consistent basis.   With this method of “commercial affirmation” in mind, AVG has provided its business users with a new selection of Website Safety Badges for businesses to use as recognizable stamp of approval and authority to show a firm’s IT security protection can be comprehensively trusted.   Free to use and available now, these symbols are intended to act as recognizable badges that offer users peace of mind.   The AVG Website Safety badge allows a firm to show that its website is protected from the threat of malware thanks to the daily safety check performed by AVG ThreatLabs engines and the worldwide community of AVG users. After all, We Protect Us .   Customer confidence through verification   Small to medium sized businesses spend a lot of time working to contact customers directly to increase trust and maximize interaction. This process can be made to work even more efficiently if those customers’ interactions with a firm’s website can also be used to reinforce customer confidence through verification of data safety standards.   An additional standalone widget is available to display alongside the AVG Website Safety badge to provide access to the AVG Threat Labs portal domain safety check box. This is intended for use by webmasters and bloggers interested in providing security tools directly on their website.     There is also an additional widget (as shown below) to allow users to embed a list of the websites that have generated the greatest number of threat detections over the last 30 days. Each link then goes to the full site report of that website on AVG ThreatLabs portal.   Once again, this one has been designed for webmasters and bloggers interested in website security data and provides a service to their users by providing them a list of websites to avoid.     To use the Safety Badges simply visit this link and pick the ones relevant to your business and copy the relevant code to your webpage or blog.